Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Pero y que es esto????


It's pretty hard to randomly speak to someone you do not know on the streets of Vancouver. Even in public spaces, without a personal reference or formal introduction, it just isn't commonly done.

Making small talk in the course of our daily lives contributes to a sense of community and well being. In addition, a chance conversation can lead to new friendships, adventures, and experiences.

The OK button.

An OK button is handsome and functional. It tells people that you're not only great to talk to, but you like the idea of a warmer and more open city. It's an icon to let people know that it's OK if they actually try and speak with you.That's all there is to it.

Get one, they're free:

Note that when you wear an OK button you do so at your own risk. You might strike up a rewarding conversation, or you might end up having a lousy experience. We aren’t responsible for what occurs to anyone wearing an OK button. By wearing an OK button you understand and agree to this.

Want to help?

1) Wear a button. Get one at

2) Give out a bunch of buttons to your friends to wear. Request a bunch of buttons... we’ll give them to you. It's free.

3) Visit our MySpace profile and be our friend.

4) Download this simple printable poster and post it somewhere.

5) Send us your suggestions.

** ya saben si quieren su Not Ok Button Dominicano, favor mandar mensaje :)

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