Saturday, August 11, 2007


Number 3 is....

the first odd prime number
the first Fermat prime
the first Mersenne prime
the first lucky prime
the first unique prime
the second Sophie Germain prime
the second Mersenne prime exponent
the second factorial prime
the second Lucas prime
the second Stern prime.
There are three types of galaxies.
Earth is the third planet in its local Solar System.
# Atoms consist of three constituents: protons, neutrons, and electrons.
# 3 types of molecular bond: Covalent~ lonic~ Polar covalent
3 basic chemical reaction substances: Acids~ Bases~ Salts
3 substances metabolized for energy needs: Carbohydrates~ Fats~ Proteins
The 3 primary colours: red, green and blue.
We perceive our universe to have three spatial dimensions.
Jesus rose from the dead on the third day.
3 divisions: Elementary (grade) school~ Middle (Jr. High) school~ High school
3 University degrees: Bachelor's~ Master's- Ph.D
3 University distinctions: Cum Laude~ Magna Cum Laude~ Suma Cum Laude
3 good grade divisions: A~ B~ C
3 bad grad divisions: D~ E~ F
In baseball, 3 is the number of strikes before the batter is out and the number of outs per side per inning.
3 layers of skin- epidermis,dermis,hypodermis

All of that....and more...
three months together and I adore..
i dont have to wait for love anymore...


Scarto said...

Waooo, tE a...O!

Ã…nnyris® said...

How sweet! Congrats!!!

I repeat: It's nice when nice things happen to nice people.

Bendiciones! =)